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    MockV Solutions is a biotechnology company developing a series of analytical kits which will enable benchtop scientists to easily and economically quantify viral clearance in industrial processes. We are developing non-infectious “Mock Virus Particles” that mimic the physicochemical properties of live infectious viruses used as spiking agents during clearance testing. Our kits will contain these non-infectious surrogates along with reagents to perform quantitative clearance analysis.


    MockV Solutions is building a library of MVP Kits that will address the various needs of benchtop scientists. Each BSL-1 compatible kit will contain the necessary reagents to conduct Mock Virus Particle spiking experiments including: a concentrated and purified stock solution of MVP and quantification reagents. To learn more about our kits in development, click on the images to the right. To inquire about or request additional kits that may address the needs of your industry, please contact us.

    MVM-MVP Kit

    • Minute Virus of Mice (MVM) is a model parvovirus used commonly as an international regulatory standard for biopharmaceutical process validation
    • The MVM-MVP Kit contains MVM-MVP Stock Solution and reagents for Immuno-QPCR analysis
    • Prototype Kit now Available
    • Click here or contact us

    Retrovirus Like Particle Kit

    • Retrovirus Like Particles (RVLP) are endogenously produced by common cell lines (ex. CHO, NS0) used during the production of biopharmaceuticals
    • Retroviral clearance validation is an international regulatory requirement
    • The RVLP-Kit contains an RVLP stock solution derived from CHO and reagents for QPCR analysis
    • Expected availability – Jan 2019

    Our Team

    Meet our company

    David Cetlin

    Founder & CEO


      Mr. Cetlin obtained a B.S. from the University of Maryland in Cellular, Molecular Biology and Genetics (2006) and an M.S. from Johns Hopkins University in Biotechnology (2011). He then spent seven years as a purification scientist at Human Genome Sciences where he participated in the development, characterization, validation, and technical transfer activities of monoclonal antibodies.

    Albine Martin

    Chief Operating Officer

    Dr. Martin brings over 20 years of operating and product commercialization experience from her involvement in 3 three public companies representing the biotechnology, diagnostics and life sciences sectors. Currently, she holds roles as Entrepreneur in Residence at Johns Hopkins University and BioHealth Innovation with the goal of translating research technologies to market.

    Dr. Jesse Baumgold

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Baumgold has 25 years of biotechnology experience. He is currently the Principal of BioEnterprises LLC and a Board member of Plasmonix, a Maryland-based company that develops and sells assay kits and related biotechnology research products with enhanced fluorescent signals. Prior to Plasmonix, Dr. Baumgold founded, grew, and successfully sold two life science businesses.

    Contact Us

    dcetlin@mockvsolutions.com | 22 Baltimore Road | Rockville, MD 20850 | 301-412-2112